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No matter what measuring or monitoring function is needed –physical or electrical – ABB control block contactors your equipment and ensures processes run smoothly. Choose from a large range of products that provide reliable protection, cost savings and maximum availability for processes and equipment. No matter what the environment, ABB’s high-quality control block contactors are built and tested to give you uninterrupted monitoring.

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Interface relays and optocouplers

Relays are universally applicable and are utilized in a diverse array of applications. They are a significant element in contemporary industrial processes and are used in applications where galvanic isolation, signal separation, voltage coupling and signal amplification are required.

Available in three different ranges to cover every application, CT range time relays are used to provide reliable timing functions worldwide. They have proven their excellent functionality in daily use under the toughest conditions.
Choose ABB as the partner for all your low voltage timing control needs to leverage our wide variety of control block contactors options. From economic to high-end solutions – the range offers maximum value.

CT-S: the high-performance range
The advanced CT-S range is ABB ́s universal range of electronic timers. It includes 22 single-function devices and 16 multifunction time relays, offering flexibility in operation with up to 13 functions. The devices feature seven or ten-time ranges, adjustable from 0.05 seconds to 300 hours. Additionally, every device is available in two different connection technologies: familiar double-chamber cage connection terminals (screw terminals) and ABB’s vibration-resistant Easy Connect
technology (push-in terminals).

ABB’s interface relays and optocouplers provide reliable voltage conversion between process peripherals and higher-level control systems. Our relays ensure reliable signal switching and provide electrical isolation for sensitive electronics such as PLCs in all kinds of machinery. The wide variety of pluggable interface relays with standard or logic sockets can be used for switching AC or DC loads. Suitable for extreme environments, ABB’s interface relays offer a range of different coil voltages and plug-in functional modules. Environmentally friendly, cadmium-free and lead-free, ABB interface relays and optocouplers meet RoHS requirements. Complete versions consisting of a relay, socket, holder, marker and function module are avaialble in this range.

CT-C: the compact range

The CT-C range combines lower cost with higher value and performance by
offering essential functions in a space-saving 17.5 mm housing. The range offers a
choice of 11 devices, including single and multifunctional types, with timing
functions that range from 0.05 seconds to 100 hours. Equipped with a wide
voltage range, the CT-C range is suitable for a huge variety of applications

Electrical Features and Benefits


GE’s CR460 Series lighting contactors deliver unprecedented
versatility in application, simplicity in configuration and
performance in operation. Ingenious design, rugged construction
and a host of truly useful features make them uniquely appealing
to all those who use them

control block contactors can be installed in any environment including passenger or driver cabins, for main or urban line trains, underground trains or trams circulating frequently in tunnels or underground passages. Manual motor starters, contactors, overload relays and contactor relays are used in a wide variety of rolling stock applications.

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CT-C Range

The CT-C range combines lower cost with higher value and performance in a slim 17.5 mm-wide housing. All relays have a wide time setting range from 0.05 seconds up to 100 hours. Combined with a wide voltage range they are the perfect choice for applications worldwide.

CT-S Range

The advanced CT-S range includes 22 single-function devices and 16 multifunction timers with up to 13 functions. The devices feature seven or ten-time ranges, which are adjustable from 0.05 seconds to 300 hours. Every device is available in two different connection technologies: double-chamber cage connection terminals or ABB’s vibration-resistant Push-in Technology.

Easy Connect Technology
Tool-free wiring and excellent vibration resistance. Easy Connect (Push-in terminals) provide connection of wires up to 2 x 0.5 – 1.5 mm² (2 x 20 -16 AWG), rigid or fine-strand with or without wire end ferrules. The extended type designators for control block contactors with push-in terminals are indicated by a P following the extended type designator e.g. CT-xxS.xxP.

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